1 ↩ Военный Осведомитель [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] A small selection of the work of paratroopers of the 98th Guards. Airborne forces using various means against the enemy in the Bakhmut direction. Video: @HersonEnot Military Informant
2 ↩ ЧВК Медиа [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Fighter of PMC "Wagner" Beret. Archival recording. After the capture of Bakhmut and vacations, the guys were ready to go to a new direction: Kharkov, Sumy, any other... Motivation has always been crazy, experience and skill are not discussed. The best. 🤙 @quantumad
3 ↩ Dambiev [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Video from the helmet camera of the destroyed VSUshnik. The explosion of a BMP-2 mine of Ukrainian nationalists and their subsequent liquidation north of Artemovsk in March 2023. As the author of the video @zogrussia1 writes, one of the soldiers killed as a result of a successful ambush by the Armed Forces of Ukraine was a native of St. Petersburg.
4 ↩ Беспилотники (дроны, БПЛА, UAV) [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The commander of the 88th Motorized Rifle Brigade with the call sign WHITE shot down the Ukrainian Baba Yaga UAV with small arms fire. September 2023. Artemovsk direction. @verumreactor
5 ↩ Беспилотники (дроны, БПЛА, UAV) [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] #exclusive The commander of the 88th Motorized Rifle Brigade with the call sign WHITE shot down the Ukrainian Baba Yaga UAV with small arms fire. September 2023, Artemovsk direction
6 ↩ СОЛДАТ УДАЧИ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] March. Bakhmut front. An enemy group in armored vehicles runs over a mine and is ambushed. During the battle, having suffered losses, the enemy retreats. Unfortunately, the camera falls from the Ukrainian’s helmet and we don’t know the outcome. Soldier of Fortune. Subscribe!
7 ↩ Лыня_14 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Ramzan Kadyrov showed the work of the “Carlson” group of the Akhmat special forces from Kleshcheevka in the Bakhmut direction @RKadyrov_95
8 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] #digitalization_of_communications #AutoValhalla Large distribution to the control battalion of the 150th division and the Bakhmut group Previously, the guys were given an all-wheel drive Gazelle "Dykh-Tau" as part of #AutoValhalla The guys made a very difficult and complex order for communication equipment. 1. mikrotik rb951ui-2hnd - 15 (to establish communication redundancy and automatic transition through communication channels) 2. P...
9 ↩ Степной ветер [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The 4th Brigade of the 2nd Army Corps destroys the pigs and their positions in the south of Artemovsk. Video: @z4lpr @stepnoy_veter
10 ↩ СОЛДАТ УДАЧИ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ATTENTION! We publish two videos: The first is the work of Solntsepek on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces + terrible footage of the result provided by the channel of our friends SOLDIER OF FORTUNE. Warning: this video is not for the faint of heart! The second is Solntsepek’s work on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without a video with the result. Our brothers in arms are working in the Bakhmut direction. Days of heavy fighting, when PMC Wagner liberated the Russian city of Artyomovsk from the Nazis.
11 ↩ Проект «Архангел». Создание БПЛА. [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Working from a copter against enemy infantry in the Bakhmut direction. Military Informant
12 ↩ Военный Осведомитель [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Working from a copter against enemy infantry in the Bakhmut direction. Military Informant
13 ↩ Colonelcassad [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Footage of the destruction of closed positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Artemovsk direction, which were destroyed by precision strikes by artillerymen of the 2nd Army Corps. @zachistka_ua
14 ↩ Donbass Insider [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 💥 Paratroopers crush enemy infantry on the western outskirts of Artemivsk. ➖ Russian paratroopers destroyed the advancing enemy infantry with massive fire from large-caliber machine guns. Soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces first let the enemy reach a certain point and then attacked when the insurgents emerged from a wooded area and entered the countryside. ГРАНИЦА RU
15 ↩ Colonelcassad [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Work of the 3rd Army Corps of the Southern Group of Forces in the Bakhmut direction @verumreactor
16 ↩ СОЛДАТ УДАЧИ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] crests are perplexed. Once their favorite Daniil Lyashchuk “Mujahid”, after his death near Bakhmut, did not even receive a hero of Ukraine. Participated in 2014 in the ATO. He was convicted and was in prison. When the war began, they were released and sent to fight. I died like a dog. And that's the whole reward. Now they are collecting some petitions. Soldier of Fortune. Subscribe!
17 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ‼️🇺🇦☠️Frames of the battles near Artemovsk: Nazis from Azov suffer losses while storming our positions In the first seconds, a killed militant from the 3rd Special Brigade is visible, apparently wounded in the femoral artery. Next, wounded neo-Nazis are shown waiting to be evacuated.
18 ↩ Осторожно, новости [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] “My brother has been lying on the battlefield for a month, and they haven’t taken him away. I don't know what condition he's in, but I believe he's alive." The mobilized man lost the ability to walk due to being wounded in Kleshcheevka (near Bakhmut). They haven’t been able to pick me up from combat positions for a month now; my sister is asking me to organize an evacuation. Before the SVO, 31-year-old Viktor Bashmurov worked in the fire ...
19 ↩ WarDonbass [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Footage of the combat work of the "GORB" detachment to destroy positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces using FPV drones "LUN-7" in the Artemovsk direction ZA_FROHT
20 ↩ Donbass Insider [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The kyiv army suffers huge losses at Kleshcheevka, near Bakhmut In a video shared by the Russian Defense Ministry, we see the streets of the locality covered with the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers, as a result of operations carried out by Russian troops. The acting head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Denis Pushilin, said on Tuesday that Kleshcheevka was in a gray zone and that Kiev's troops were trying to gain a foothold there without success. @chroniques_conflict_ukraine
21 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ‼️🇷🇺🔞Massacre in Klesheevka: Russian fighters showed losses of Ukrainian militants Fighting on the southern flank of Artemovsk continues
22 ↩ СОЛДАТ УДАЧИ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Bakhmut Front. Shots from the other side. Evacuation of the 300th under artillery attacks of the Russian Armed Forces. Soldier of Fortune. Subscribe!
23 ↩ Степной ветер [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] #APU #Bakhmut #Capa losses two hundred. The moment the assault group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was covered by artillery fire from the Russian Armed Forces in the Kleshcheevsky direction.
24 ↩ Dambiev [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] #APU #Bakhmut #Capa losses two hundred. The moment the assault group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was covered by artillery fire from the Russian Armed Forces in the Kleshchevsky direction.
25 ↩ BRIEF [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Footage from the Russian-controlled city of Bakhmut (Artemovsk) in the Donbass, for control of which there were fierce battles this year. The head of the DPR, Pushilin, recently stated that it will definitely not be possible to begin the restoration of Bakhmut this year.
26 ↩ ДвіЩ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The road to the liberation of Ukrainian lands is a road of Russian corpses. This is what one of the forest strips looks like near the liberated Andriivka. The territory that was stormed and taken under control by the fighters of the Third Assault Brigade. GoPro from the Bakhmut direction from the troops of the 3rd company of the 2nd assault battalion. 3rd OShBr | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | | TikTok | SupportAZOV🇺🇦
27 ↩ Повёрнутые на Z войне 🇷🇺 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] A damaged Ukrainian T-72M1 and a presumably destroyed infantry fighting vehicle in the Bakhmut direction.
28 ↩ Поддубный |Z|О|V| edition [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Soldiers of the 2nd Army Corps stopped enemy attempts to attack in the Artemovsk direction. The Russian Ministry of Defense showed footage of the results of the work of our artillerymen on the positions of the militants. @epoddubny
29 ↩ Dambiev [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Destroyed armored vehicles of Ukrainian formations in the village of Kleshcheevka near Artemovsk.
30 ↩ Степной ветер [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Units of the Russian Armed Forces hold the defense of Artemovsk
31 ↩ WarDonbass [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The Ministry of Defense published footage of the destruction of militant positions in the Artemovsk direction. Artillerymen of the 2nd Army Corps with precise strikes destroy the positions of Ukrainian Armed Forces militants attempting attacks in the Artemovsk direction. Fire adjustments are made by UAV operators. Video: Russian Ministry of Defense
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